The Randy House of B.L.A.K.E. (Benevolence, Laughter, Acceptance, Kindness and Elegance)
The court Of Community C.H.E.S.T. (Charity, Hospitality, Empathy, Strength, Trust).

His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty (HMISM)
Emperor 32 “The Randy Emperor”

Her Most Imperial Majesty (HMIM)
Regent Empress 32 Teran Blake

 HMIH Imperial Crown Prince to Reign 32: Billy Blake
HMIH Imperial Crown Princess to Reign 32: Rebekka Blake


Charities Of Choice for Reign 32: 
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation Food Programs
Rainbow Railroad
Supporting Our Youth

Heir Apparent Emperor: His Imperial Majesty (HIM)
Emperor 22, 29 & 31 - Hunter James

Heir Apparent Empress: Her Imperial Majesty (HIM)
Empress 30 - Nikki Chin

Canadian Half Emperor: Rhyan Stone
Canadian Half Empress: Empress 16, Topaz Trinity Monarch 23 of the Waterfall Empire - Miss Drew (Bradley)
American Half Emperor: Emperor 28 of the Imperial Court Of Buffalo - Anthony Lenczyk
American Half Empress: Empress 30 of New York - Sugar B Real

Consort To His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty: Ross Scorch

Reign Colours: Black, Red, White and Blue
Ball Theme: CROWNS THAT CARE GALA- An Evening Of Dancing Queens & Kings on the Boardwalk