Official TICOT Events: We encourage members to take the lead and create events for TICOT. We are first and foremost a Service Organization. Traditionally, TICOT Events have been shows in bars or nightclubs, but times have changed. All Event proposals need to be approved by the Executive and must have an official Event Form (Fill in or download below) filled in thirty (30) days prior to the proposed event. All approved Events are defined as "social gathering for the betterment of the Society, which may or may not be fundraisers for the Society".

Non-TICOT Events: TICOT is very open to members and/or non-members putting on events in our honour and must have Executive approval. Monarch(s) and Executive should have some input into the event or minimally an invitation to the event. When permission for TICOT's name/logo has been given to add to an event, there must be a donation offered back to the Society. Funds created by the event must be donated to the Society (through the Executive) within ten (10) days from the end of the event. The event can not be advertised as a "TICOT Fundraiser". It is a "Fundraiser in Support of TICOT" TICOT will promote the event to the membership

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