Our Society History & Noble Deeds

The Imperial Court of Toronto is a Not for Profit Service Organization that raises funds to support various charities and organizations, primarily those in the LGBT Community. 

The mission of the Corporation is to conduct projects of a public service or charitable nature, to benefit legitimate charities, and in so doing, to provide social activities for the express benefit and/or pleasure and entertainment for the community.

Our organization is completely “VOLUNTEER RUN ” with “NO PAID STAFFING”. Our group is open to anyone and everyone. Our members represent every aspect of society. A person’s gender, ethnicity/race, background, sexual orientation, or life style will have no bearing within our organization. “EVERYONE IS WELCOME”.

We work in conjunction with the International Court System (founded in 1965) to perform noble deeds in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

1986-1995: The Trillium Monarchist Society

Talks regarding The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) began in 1986 with The Dogwood Monarchist Society, the Mother Court of Canada. 

In the spring of 1987 The Imperial Court of Exile, Court of the Cow and H.M.I.M. Empress 1 Appointed Lady Lane Bovine, The Cow Empress, AKA; Mr. Carlos Misseri was officially appointed as the Trillium Monarchist Society by H.M.I.M Mr. ted northe*, Empress of Canada.

Saturday November 14, 1987 saw our first official Coronation Ball at the Masonic Temple in down-town Toronto at which time H.M.I.M Mr. ted northe*, Empress of Canada, endowing to us the lands of the Province of Ontario. Our community offered five enthusiastic candidates for position as Emperor or Empress. The election placed H.M.I.S.M Emperor I, of all of Ontario, Sergio Apolloni and H.M.I.S.M Empress I Elect, of all of Ontario, Lauren Michaels, at the head of our fundraising organization as Monarchs. 

Elected Monarchs from Reigns One to Eight are titled as Monarchs of  ‘All of Ontario’  

Our original mandate has remained the same since inception: To promote ‘Friendship, Unity & Nonsense’ (F.U.N.) through holding entertaining fundraising social events.

1995 - present day: The Imperial Court of Toronto

This change came about when the Barony of Hamilton became the Imperial Sovereign Court of Hamilton-Wentworth. 

Our organization’s name changed to The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) Social Society Inc. with our registration as a not for profit incorporated body in 1995.

Elected Monarchs after 1995 are titled as Monarchs of the ‘Imperial Court of Toronto’. 

The Imperial Court of Toronto maintains the lands of Ontario not ceded to other Courts and continues to actively look at starting new Courts in the Province of Ontario.

Noble Deeds:

In 2015 The Court of Hamilton and St Catharines/Niagara merged to form "The Imperial Court of The Waterfall Empire"

  • TICOT established the Emperor 1 Sergio Apolloni Memorial Scholarship in 1990. In 2000, it was transferred to the University of Toronto in the Sexual Diversity Program

  • TICOT also donated funds in the support of the first community Police Bicycle Program in 1992.

  • TICOT did the first ever Canadian/Mexico fundraiser for Aids Tijuana hosted by Empress IV, of all of Ontario, Ryan Waters.

  • TICOT presented the first public exchange of LGBT vows to our community in a wedding ceremony between Emperor III, of all of Ontario, Chas Parkway and Empress III, of all of Ontario, Dawn Valley-Parkway on Pride Day June 24, 1990.

Since inception, The Imperial Court of Toronto has raised over two million dollars for various community charities/organization and continues to support various communities within the Province of Ontario, the country of Canada and beyond.

In October 2016, TICOT celebrated our 30th year of influence in our Province and in the International Court System.

*In 1964, ted northe (who preferred his name always be spelled in lower case) founded the Imperial Court System of Canada, the purpose of which is to raise money for charity through annual formal balls and numerous events throughout the year, like bake sales, drag shows and luncheons. Northe was born in Cooking Lake, Alberta, in 1937. He died Sunday, March 30 at 6:10 a.m. in St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.