Annual Awards Manual

Purpose: To help select annually recipient of awards for the Society.

History: Throughout out history, Monarchs have offered awards to their membership and community as a way to thank those involved in their court. Usually, awards are announced at the coronation ball, but awards have been offered a most any time during a reign

Goals:To outline the annual awards and the criteria for selecting recipients.

Scope: This document shall cover all issues related to the selection of selection of recipients for the annual TICOT awards.

Responsibility: The Protocol Minister or the current Monarch(s) of the Society are responsible to administrate the procedures within.

Documents: The Constitution & Bylaws, Proclamations Guide




Chas Parkway Award

Criteria: A Court Member who best embodies the spirit of F.U.N. (friendship, unity and nonsense).

Citizen of the Year

Criteria: A citizen of the realm functioning within (or without) the Society who best embodies the aims and beliefs of the LGBTQ community as a whole and (possibly) furthered the aims and goals of the Monarch(s) for that reign.

Court Member of the Year

Criteria: A Court Member who has contributed to the reign or Society in an exemplary manner.

Garland Award

Criteria: A Court Member or Non-Member awarded for outstanding performance, the nurturing of fellow entertainers and contribution made to the community/realm. 

Lady Lane Bovine Award

Criteria: A Court Member who best embodies the spirit, meaning of the Society, forwards the concepts and its aims throughout the community/realm.

Volunteer of the Year

Criteria – A Court member who has volunteered, without payment or any legal obligation (elected persons), to serve the Monarch(s) or the Society in a selfless/altruistic manner.