Queen Mum & King Father

Roles & Responsibilities of The Queen Mum and King Father:

  • Helps produce the next King Father/Queen Mother event with the Reigning Monarchs

  • King Father and Queen Mother must produce one fundraiser EACH to benefit TICOT or other non-profit organizations of their choice. This must be done for each reign the titles are in as this appointment straddles to reigns (i.e. 31/31, 32/33).

  • Encourage growth and development of TICOT’s male and female persona lineage 

  • Other duties as requested by the Reigning Monarchs


  • Appointed by the Reigning Emperor and Empress

  • This title can be removed at any point in the reign by the Monarchs that granted the title.

  • The reigning Title-holder shall be held responsible for all loss of and damage to the State Regalia entrusted to them.

  • Steps down at the annual King Father/Queen Mum event

  • Must remain a member in good standing for duration of reign

  • King Father names 6 “Daddy’s Boys” to assist him during his term

  • Queen Mother names 6 “Jewels” to assist her during her term. These relate to the six colours of the Pride flag.

Past Queen Mums and King Fathers:

King Father 2018 Billy Blake Queen Mum 2018 Endora St. Moorehead

King Father 2017 George Palmer Queen Mum 2017 Bunni Lapin

King Father 2016 Randy Boyd Queen Mum 2016 Denise Derring Twist

King Father 2015 Popper Smurf Queen Mum 2015 Sherry Sylvain

King Father 2014 James Pawley Queen Mum 2014 Divinesque

King Father 2013 Robert Jeyes Queen Mum 2013 Divinesque

King Father 2012 Kevin Levere Queen Mum 2012 Kathy Burns

King Father 2010 Barry Queen Mum 2011 Charo Batista

Queen Mum 2010 Drucilla

King Father 2009 Tony Ballarino Queen Mum 2009 Savannah Georgia

King Father 2008 Mick Petitpas Dubarry Queen Mum 2008 Dixie Rose Lee

King Father 2007 Ron DaMae Bouvier Queen Mum 2007 Thelma Bouvier

King Father 2005 Jim Lepore Queen Mum 2005 Lynda Louise Dubarry

King Father 2004 Jody The Red Pussycat Queen Mum 2004 Maria Del Monte

King Father 2003 Steve Roseland Queen Mum 2003 Fontaine

King Father 2002 Daddy John Burch Queen Mum 2002 Madame

King Father 2001 Trevor McClain Queen Mum 2001 Lynda Louise Dubarry

King Father 1999 John Van Cartier Queen Mum 1999 Alexis Van Cartier

King Father 1998 Trevor McClain Queen Mum 1998 Anna Phylatic

King Father 1997 John Hoskin Queen Mum 1997 Michelle Royale

King Father 1996 Ron Barbour Queen Mum 1996 Fontaine

Queen Mum 1995 Marta Toronto CBT

Queen Mum 1994 Crystal Lite

Queen Mum 1993 Danny Love

Queen Mum 1992 Danielle

King Father 1991 George Hislop Queen Mum 1991 Robbie Willows

Queen Mum 1990 Ellie Mae