Social Media Feeds



DO “like” TICOT on all of our social media platforms and feel free to share content from our pages with your own social networks – it’s the only way our message will go viral!
DO think of how social media can be integrated into your efforts for the Court and can help with your events
DO be transparent when you are discussing TICOT sponsors, beneficiaries, or fellow members online. Please disclose your connection to TICOT and please state clearly that you are commenting as an individual, not on behalf of TICOT – we recommend using this language – “The views expressed are my own and not on behalf of TICOT.”
DO abide by all copyright and fair use laws.
DO keep in mind that content published on line is available publicly for a long time, if not forever. If you post it – understand that you are accountable for it and anything posted online can be shared or sent around via email.
DO think before you post. Be smart and always think of possible consequences of posts and comments
DO show proper consideration for the privacy of others and avoid inflammatory or objectionable topics. Exercise common sense when engaging online.
DO correct mistakes if you make them. Treat anything you post online as a journalist would. Provide support for your arguments and back them up with information when you can. If you make a mistake – own up to it and apologize.
DO take your personal discussions to private message areas or off social media sites entirely. Remember that our beneficiaries, sponsors, and other members are reading our site too. Your private argument conducted in public will reflect badly on the organization.


DO NOT violate confidentiality rules and never discuss the business of the TICOT and its membership under any circumstances. If you are not sure if information is confidential, please consult with the President. Violation of confidentiality is serious and could be grounds for revoking your membership
DO NOT violate copyright and fair use laws. In case you have questions, copyright is explained at and fair use at http://en.wikipedia/wifi/fiar_use
DO NOT use ethnic slurs, personal insults, or profanity online. We’ve all seen the coverage in the papers of people who get in trouble for things they have tweeted or put on Facebook – DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. Do not engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in the course of your interaction with the members of the TICOT, its sponsors and beneficiaries
DO NOT pick fights with others online. The same standards of conduct that exist for TICOT members at events and meetings exist for you online.
DO NOT TROLL> Trolling is defined by Wikipedia as “posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”
DO NOT create an TICOT site, page or profile on any platform without authorization. Please speak with the President and work with them to create any presence for TICOT online. TICOT needs to be aware of, and monitor any and all TICOT pages and profiles on social media sites across the internet. If you have any sites up already, please let the President know.
DO NOT use TICOT outreach profiles for personal use (i.e. hooking up)