Saturday June 1, 2019, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Buddies and Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander St
Cocktails and Photo Ops: 6:30 PM* Show begins: 7:00 PM

The 2019 theme:  To wong fu

Contestants are encouraged to explore all things related to the movie (film, TV, literature)

*No applications will be accepted after 11:59 PM on May 27, 2019 and ALL contestants must be signed in at the venue by 6:30 pm on June 1, 2019. Failure to comply will result in elimination from the pageant.

Contestants will be scored in part by their ability to interpret the theme into in all Pageant Categories.
1. In Theme Presentation (25 points)
2. Talent (25 points) – this a maximum of six (6) minutes (including time for set up/tear down)
3. Regal/Formal Wear (25 points)
4. On Stage Question & Answer (asked during Formal Wear) (25 points) A minimum score of 70% is required to be awarded the title.

By clicking submit to the application form I agree that I am: 19 years of age or older, a resident of the realm of The Imperial Court of Toronto and a member in good standing of TICOT. I also understand the Rules of the Pageant and the obligations of the winner(s) as described. If selected winner of the Pageant I agree to abide by the terms and obligations set out in this application and the TICOT Constitution and Bylaws.


The winners will be referred to as Mr. Trillium 2019 and Miss Trillium 2019.

Music will be supplied for In Theme Presentation, Regal Wear and Onstage Q&A.

Music for Talent must be supplied by the contestant. All music must be submitted on

CD or USB and clearly labelled with the contestant name and track number. No other formats will be accepted.

Talent has a time maximum of six (6) minutes (including time for set up and clearing of all props). Any contestant that goes over six (6) minutes will receive a deduction of ten (10) points from their final score. If you make a mess (water, blood, feathers, etc) you are responsible for cleaning it up.

 Dressing room space will be made available for contestants. Contestants may have one (1) person, designated in advance, to help them in the dressing room.

Any contestant that is not ready on time for a given category will receive a deduction of ten (10) points from their final score.

Contestants that appear impaired or under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be removed from the pageant. Any contestant caught trying to sabotage another contestant will be immediately eliminated from the event.

No confetti, loose glitter, bare breasts/buttocks/genitals, live animals or open flame permitted.


Each Titleholder is required to produce a minimum of two (2) TICOT fundraisers during their Title Year.

Each Titleholder is required to produce one (1) TICOT event by September 26, 2019 for Reign 32 and one (1) TICOT event by April 30, 2020 for Reign 33.

Winners will be awarded a sash which is theirs to keep.

All other regalia awarded on behalf of TICOT remains the property of TICOT including the Mr. Trillium State Pin and the Miss Trillium State Tiara. Should the TICOT Executive deem that the State Regalia has been damaged and/or lost or not returned to TICOT while in the Titleholder’s possession the Titleholder will be held legally responsible for all expenses related to repair and/or retail replacement. Titleholders are not permitted to wear a “full circle” or a “head” crown unless otherwise stipulated in the TICOT governing documents.

The Titleholders, Mr. and Miss Trillium 2019, will hold the Title for a period of approximately twelve (12) consecutive months. Titleholders MUST remain a member in good standing of The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) for the duration of their Title Year.

Titleholders are considered to be ambassadors of TICOT and shall act as hosts and greeters in Hospitality Suite during Coronation weekend (Friday OR Saturday)

Titleholders are expected to attend all TICOT State Events and must attend a minimum of three (3), including but not limited to TICOT Coronation and Investitures, held during Reign 32 and Reign 33. Titleholders are also encouraged to attend other events in the LGBTQ+ Community as representatives of TICOT.

Titleholders will step down at the 2020 pageant during the assigned time in the Pageant.

Titleholders must get written consent from the TICOT Executive prior to applying to compete for other titles. This includes appointment titles as well as pageant titles.

 The TICOT Executive reserves the right to suspend/void the title and appoint another contestant to finish the title year should a Titleholder fail to complete the Title requirements and/or does not remain a member in good standing of TICOT. At such time all Mr. or Miss. Trillium regalia outlined in this agreement are to be returned to the TICOT Executive within one (1) week of written notice.


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