Reign XXVI - Imperial House of Misfits

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Coronation 27: "Blondes Having F.U.N. at the Casino"


Emperor XXVI, RICKY Lake Ontario
The Blue Sapphire Card Shark Joker Emperor

Empress XXVI, Michelle DuBarry
Queen Mother of all Ontario and Matriarch to The Imperial Court of Toronto
The Absolute Queen Mother Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XXVI, Big Kris
Imperial Crown Princess XXVI, Carlotta Carlisle

King Father 2013/14, Robert Jeyes
Queen Mother 2013/14, Divinesque DuBarry

Mr. Trillium 2013/14, Kieron A. Keegan
Miss Trillium 2013/14, Ala Mode

Ball Date: Saturday October 12, 2013


Citizen of the Year, Kristyn Wong-Tam
Volunteer of the Year, Maria Del Monte
Court Member of the Year, Ala Mode
Chas Parkway Award, Maynard Olson
Lady Lane Bovine Award, John Ribson

Royal Order of the Maple Leaf Inductees

Bob Toane, RICKY Lake Ontario, Maynard Olson
Cory Garlough (Board Chair, PWA)


Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Jose Julio Sarria (Empress Jose, the Widow Norton, founder of the International Court System) died on August 19, 2013;
  • 131 fundraising events raising $110,095.13 for 15 charities, including PWA, BBBS, CNH, PFLAG, The 519, SOY, CLGA and eight others; 
  •  Michelle DuBarry is the Oldest Elected Monarch (at 80 years old) in the history of the International Court System; 
  •  TICOT played host to Nicole the Great, Queen Mother of the Americas, and the Fall Session of the International Court Council