Reign XXV - House of the Silver Trillium


Emperor XXV, Ron DaMae Bouvier
The Ruby Jewelled Leather Giraffe, Silver Anniversary Emperor
Caught on Occasion With More Than A Silver Spoon in his Mouth, OH MY! 

Empress XXV, Candice Kelly Roseland
The Diamond Jewelled Lovable Elephant, Silver Anniversary Empress
Caught on Occasion With More Than a Silver Spoon in Her Trunk, OH MY!

Upper House

Imperial Crown Princess XXV, Nikki Chin

King Father 2012/13, Kevin Levere
Queen Mother 2012/13, Kathy Burns

Mr Trillium 2012/13, Greg Glasman
Miss Trillium 2012/13, Bunni Lapin

Coronation Ball Theme (October 6, 2012)

Madagascar 3D - An Imperial Cruise of Da Nile 

Notable Reign Accomplishments

Main Charities: $51,182 PWA Community Food Access Project, Spearhead Toys For Tots, AIDS Committee of Durham Region