Reign XXIII - House of Dedication, Devotion and Decadence


Empress XXIII, Thelma Bouvier
The Blue Red Sapphire Queen of Hearts Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XXIII, Ron DaMae Bouvier
Imperial Crown Princess XXIII, Teran Blake

King Father 2010/11, Barry
Queen Mother 2010/11, Drucilla 

Mr Trillium 2010/11, Clint
Miss Trillium 2010/11, Dolly


Coronation Ball Theme (October 9, 2010)
Alice In Wonderland, Through the 3D Looking Glass

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Charities: $35,324 Toronto People With AIDS Foundation Food Programs & Food For Life,
    In Memory of Empress V Sophie De Lee