Reign XX - House of FUFU (Fun and Fundraising) Society


Emperor XX, Dave Beauchamp
The Leather Amethyst Dragonfly Emperor
Emperor of Fun, Fundraising and Family 

Empress XX, Nikki LeBlanc
The Opulent Ethereal Jade Hummingbird, Respendent in GEMS of Change, Integrity & Decadence
The Platinum, Bone-China and Emerald Anniversary Empress


Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XX, Barry Bam Bam O’Brien
Imperial Crown Princess XX, Linda Louise DuBarry 

King Father 2007/08, Ron
Queen Mother 2007/08, Thelma 

Mr Trillium 2007/08, Colin Lamont
Miss Trillium 2007/08, Dusty Balfour


Coronation Ball Theme (October 13, 2007)
The Amethyst Emerald Jewel Box Revue
A Celebration of Couples Throughout History: In reality, film and fiction


Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Charities: $33,188 raised for Egale, PWA and SOY