Reign XVII - House of Animal Crackers and Noah’s Arc


Emperor XV and XVII, Tom Ivison Parkway
The Koala Bear Emperor 

Empress IX, XIV and XVII, Candice
The Triple Crowned Ivory Elephant Empress
Who Won’t Take Anything Home Unless The Trunk Is Up

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XVII, Dave Beauchamp
Imperial Crown Princess XVII, Madame

King Father 2003/04, Steve Roseland
Queen Mother 2003/04, Fontaine

Mr Trillium 2004, Craig Hunter
Miss Trillium 2004, Morgan James

Coronation Ball Theme (October 9, 2004)

The City Zoo, A Night of Animal Magnetism

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • In Memory of Empress IV Ryan Waters 
  • Charities: PWA food bank, LGBT Youthline, Camp Oasis and PWA Food For Life program