Reign XVI - House of Flight, Flare & Fanciful Feathers


Emperor XVI, Nelson Jeronimo
The Golden Winged Sapphire Lion Emperor 

Empress XVI, Plum Vicious
The Delicious & Nutritious, Crystal Eyed PucciPeacock, Protector of Feathers, Flare & Fancy, Ethereal Erte Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XVI, Just James
Imperial Crown Princess XVI, Bunny LeBlanc

King Father 2002/03, Daddy John Burch
Queen Mother 2002/03, Madame


Coronation Ball Theme (October 11, 2003)

An Evening of Elegance in the Enchanted Forest of Fantasy


Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • In Memory of Empress VIII Dusty 
  • Eventful year – SARS, West Nile, massive power outages 
  • Charities: PWA 
  • Over $500,000 raised for charities to date