Reign XIV - Whip It Good! Whip it into Shape!


Emperor XIV, Chris Holmgren
The NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN! Leather Phoenix Emperor 

Empress IX and XIV, Candice
The Black Diamond Golden Elephant Empress
That Won’t Take Anything Home Unless the Trunk is Up

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XIV, Christopher Evans

Imperial Crown Princess XIV, Bitch Diva


King Father 2000/01, Christopher Evans

Queen Mother 2000/01, Virginia Richmond


Coronation Ball Theme (October 7, 2001)
Take a Ride on the Wildside – A Celebration of Leather, Uniform and Drag


Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • In memory of Emperor V Daddy Paul and September 11, 2001 victims of the New York City, Pentagon and Pennsylvania tragedies and their loved ones