Reign XII - House of Love, Strength & Passion


Emperor III and XII, Chas Parkway
The Silver Spread-Winged Eagle Emperor 

Empress XII, Chantal Cartier Parkway
The Golden Copper Flamed Mane Attraction Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince XII,
David Wilson DeLee Parkway

Imperial Crown Princess XII, 


King Father 1998/99, Trevor McClain

Queen Mother 1998/99, Ana Phylatic

Miss Trillium 1998/99, Lady Barbara Dey


Coronation Ball Theme (October 9, 1999)

The Fire and Ice Ball – “Dawning of a New Millennim”


Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Coronation dedicated in memory of Emperor III & XII Chas Parkway. $12,000 raised during Coronation Week for his five chosen charities: PWA Emergency Relief Fund, Casey House Home Care Program, MCCT, Gilda’s Club and Teresa Group.