Reign X - House of Rude Fever – Harmonizing a Caring Future – A Camelot Affair!


The 10th Elected Emperor
Gary Farr - The Trillium Diamond Bovine Blue Sapphire Emperor 

Empress X
Scarlett Fever - The Showgirl Goddess of Fire, The Perfect “10”, X-Files Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince X
Hardy Pothoff

Imperial Crown Princess X
Robin Loren

King Father 1996/97
Ron Barbour

Queen Mother 1996/97

Miss Trillium 1996/97
Ana Phylactic

Coronation Ball Theme (October 11, 1997)
Galaxy…an Odyssey of Futuristic Pageantry – Journeying to the Centre of Our Universe

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Funds raised for: PWA, Fife House, Hospital For Sick Children Foundation, MCCT Community Care/AIDS CARE, CATIE, Casey House, Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital & others