Reign V - The Imperial People Court of Grand Illusions, House of Mystery


Emperor V, Daddy Paul
The Amethyst Daddy Emperor 

Empress V, Sophie De Lee
The Golden Topaz Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince V
Andre Heasman

Imperial Crown Princess V

King Father 1991/92
George Hislop

Queen Mother 1991/92
Robbie Willows

Coronation Ball Theme (November 7, 1992)
An Evening of Magic Mystery and Illusion

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Daughter Courts: Barony of Steel Knights and Ladies of Golden Harvest (Hamilton) and Barony of St Catharines/Niagara 
  • Queen Mum began in 1991/92 by Proclamation; King Father was Proclamed in 1995/96 
  • Pink Trillium Awards 
  • Empress V Sophie De Lee reported that $70,000 was raised for charities, including AIDS Memorial and police bikes