Reign IX - Court of the Big Bold and F.U.N.N. – Friendship, Unity, Nonsense & NO MORE BULLSHIT (Clap your hands, pound your fists on the table or stomp your feet on the last 3 words)


Emperor IX
Peter Sutton - The Mighty, Multi-Jeweled, Faberge Crowned, Double Eagle Emperor 

Empress IX
Candice - The Black Diamond Golden Elephant Empress who won’t take anything home unless the trunk is up

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince IX
Don Gilroy

Imperial Crown Princess IX
Chris Edwards

Queen Mother 1995/96
Marta Toronto, CBT

Miss Trillium 1995/96

Coronation Ball Theme (October 12, 1996)
The Jeweled Circus

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Since 1987, TICOT has raised over $300,000 for charities to date