Reign IV - The Court of the Community, Unity & Force, House of Rhythm & Rhinestones


Emperor IV, Andrew Kennedy
The Urban Cowboy Emperor 

Empress IV, Ryan Waters
The Absolute Black Alaskan Diamond Empress

Upper House
Imperial Crown Prince IV

Peter Sutton
Imperial Crown Princess IV
Scarlett Fever

Queen Mother Ultima
Michelle DuBarry

Queen Mother 1990/91
Ellie Mae

Coronation Ball Theme (October 1991)

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • Daughter Court: Imperial Court of Buffalo’s 1st Coronation Ball – April 18, 1992 
  • Funds raised for: Lesbian Gay Pride Day Parade Committee, Lesbian Gay Pride Appeal, Ward’s Retreat, HANDS, Women In Crisis, Gay Fathers, Sick Kids Hospital, IGBO, PWA, AIDS Memorial, AKCWA, AIDS Niagara, Canadian Gay Archives, MCCT, Emperor I Sergio Apollloni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Gay Community Appeal, Casey House, AIDS Drop-In Centre, Rape Crisis Centre, Hassle Free Clinic, ACT, Quilt Project and Women With AIDS