Reign III - Imperial Court of the Celestial Winter-Garden, House of F.U.N. (Friendship, Unity and Nonsense)


Emperor III, Chas Parkway
The Eagle Emperor

Empress III, Dawn Valley Parkway
The Angel Empress

Upper House

Imperial Crown Prince III, Daddy Paul
Imperial Crown Princess III, Morgan Holiday

Coronation Ball Theme (November 17, 1990)
Home For The Holidays, A Winter Pageant

Notable Reign Accomplishments

  • F.U.N. (Friendship, Unity and Nonsense) 
  • June 24, 1990 – Lesbian & Gay Pride Day – the wedding of Chas Parkway and Dawn Blake 
  • Funds raised for: Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, AIDS Committee of Toronto, Casey House Hospice, AIDS Action Now, AIDS Drop-In Centre, Ward’s Retreat and Canadian Gay Archives (CLGA)