Founded in 1986, The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) is the oldest Ontario chapter of the International Court System (ICS). The ICS is the second largest LGBTQAA organization in the world, second only to the Metropolitan Community Church, with 72 active chapters across Canada, the United States and Mexico. 

TICOT is a registered not-for-profit organization that raises funds for LGBTQAA charities through donations at a variety of drag performances and social events. Now in its 32nd year, TICOT has donated over $1 million to the community for projects including food banks, woman's shelters, youth programs and various HIV programs. 

Our Vision

To be a welcoming, inclusive and innovative social organization with an emphasis on engaging, inspiring and uniting the local LGBTQA community by emphasizing the fun in fundraising

Our Mission 

TICOT exists to enhance the social experience of its members and to have a positive impact on the communities we serves through social and fundraising events

The College's Vision